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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

BJM Office Art

New & expanding in 2015. BJM Office Art!
Considering the average Dutch person spends on average 153 hours of a month at the office, why not at least have an awesome office?!
Custom made and unique artwork that visualizes your specific business themes and elements. Alternatively, ready-made artwork available for both lease or purchase. The best part is, the possibilities are seemingly endless; canvas prints, framed prints, on glass prints, mesh prints, designer frames, wall paper print and more. All in a diverse range of sizes.
Want to pimp an otherwise empty office and create an ‘ice-breaker’ talking point for both clients and staff? Maybe enlighten and invigorate your workers with a fun and positively charged artwork displayed on that lonely office wall. Even have the company logo subtly or centred in a customized work creating something truly unique, almost anything is possible.
Curious? Interested and want to know more? Contact BJM creative at your convenience.

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